Four IV to package Wedgwood for Japan

Four IV has been appointed by Wedgwood to design new food packaging for the luxury goods retailer’s Japanese market. The 20-strong range includes teas, biscuits and cakes, and the packaging “is dealing with traditional English values”, says consultancy creative director Andrew Bone.

The appointment comes as Cato Consulting Group gathers consumer lifestyle profiles in target markets in the UK, US and Japan for Wedgwood in a bid to build on its new brand and retail identity.

The move is aimed at strengthening Wedgwood’s customer base and bringing its brand up-to-date with consumer taste.

Cato will investigate social activities and living environments using its BrandSense brand analysis process, and the results will provide a strategic and creative platform for Wedgwood to develop its products.

Wedgwood international brand development manager Dave Lawrence says: “We will look at people’s social and lifestyle activities so we can start to understand them. Then we can realign our product development programme and communication strategy accordingly.”

Depending on Cato’s findings, Wedgwood will develop new product ranges and make changes to the point-of-sale environment. Packaging for China ranges is unlikely to be affected as it has already been revamped following work undertaken by The Partners to create a new brand identity for Wedgwood in the middle of last year.

Wedgwood also has a new retail identity, created by Adcock Clayton, which is currently being rolled out. A new international advertising campaign will start in July.

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