Shopping research skews the results

Selling secrets (The Big Picture – Retail, June 1998) discussed the merits of the Siebert Head, Packtrack and filmed shopping research methodologies. The problem with all these methods is that they alter natural shopping behaviour and are therefore limited in helping us understand why shoppers shop as they do.

From a design angle, this subconscious shopper behaviour needs to be understood when creating packaging designs as many brands are deselected automatically because of the lack of appropriate imagery.

Packaging design is not just a creative process – it needs to be supplemented by an understanding of both consumer requirements and shopping behaviour.

I believe that research will provide a palette of imagery that will stimulate automatic shopping response. Design needs to craft this to add impact, clarity and uniqueness to the pack.

Hugh Phillips

Senior lecturer

De Montfort University

Research director


Oxford OX4 2LZ

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