Tea time for Carte Blanche

Newsdesk: Clare Dowdy 0171-970 4000

Carte Blanche is working on concepts for a café format for 114-strong tea retail chain Whittard of Chelsea. The shops sell a range of tea and coffee-related products, but do not offer a café area.

At least two other tea manufacturers are known to be considering similar brand extensions (DW 22 May).

Whittards confirms the new concept will go live at its Baker Street shop in London in September, but it and Carte Blanche refuse to give further details.

The Baker Street outlet was originally planned to open this month, but was held up because of “complications”, according to a Whittards staff member.

Design House is believed to have been involved in the project, although client services director Lavinia Culverhouse denies this.

Ian Logan Design is also working with Whittards on the project. Business development manager Orli Lang declines to comment on any involvement.

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