Reviving old brands is a poor ad for creativity

Isn’t the whole idea of reviving old marques – in effect simply a repurposing of old stock (News Analysis, DW 4 June) – further proof of a lack of creativity in business generally?

Hollywood is desperately churning out re-imaginings like Planet of the Apes and The Day The Earth Stood Still, and – worryingly, in spite of the huge resources involved – no one there realises that the results will always be inferior to the originals.

Source: Abdruck fuer Pressezwecke honora

In the example of Audi, using the word ‘Auto’ to label the integration of its sub-brands also suggests that it’s just going to be ‘business as usual’ at a time when consumers are looking for more responsible transport solutions.

Where is the evidence of strategic leadership that so many integrated design consultancies speak of?

And what attraction is there for anyone to hire a creative consultancy when everyone seems so preoccupied with ploughing ever-deeper in the same old furrows?
Glenn Platt, by e-mail

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