Twelve Stars counts on Beenz currency

Branding group Twelve Stars Communications has developed the identity for a new Internet currency and promotions system, which launched this week.

Beenz, launched by The Beenz Company, are electronic credits which can be spent at participating websites to earn discounts on products or services.

Consumers earn the points, which are saved in a personal account, by shopping at, or visiting, other participating sites. They will often earn points by supplying information, such as their web address, to questionnaires. The value of Beenz varies, and is determined on a site-by-site basis by the web merchants involved.

Computer industry giants Sun Microsystems, Exodus and Oracle are backing the scheme.

Twelve Stars president Nicolas De Santis describes the purpose of Beenz as, “To attract people to sites, and to influence the behaviour of the consumer,” by offering incentives.

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