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The Green Party unveiled its ‘muted green’ identity and ‘Real Progress’ strapline last week, ahead of the European Parliament and London Assembly elections. Given the growing level of environmental concern among voters, what further ‘creative’ steps do yo

‘It needs to shift into the mainstream, instead of behaving like a minority, special interest group. We should bring the Green into everyday. As for creative steps – we should think of redefining the political language. They should drop the word “party” to become “Real Progress”; something everyone can take part in!’

Dorothy McKenzie, Director of consumer brands, Dragon Brands

‘One possible creative step is to look at the name. While the word ‘green’ is undoubtedly an equity and reflects the stance of the party, it is also potentially limiting. By adding a further dimension to the word, the image and political standing of the party could be enhanced. For instance, the “Democratic Green Party” arguably sounds like a more serious political contender than the simply the “Green Party”.’

Fenella McCarthy, Planning and research director, Acanchi

‘How about bringing Kermit back as the Green Party mascot? Businesses and individuals that do service to the Green cause could be awarded “Kermits”… a Kermit would look great next to a yellow pencil.’

Franco Bonadio, Creative director, The Body Shop

‘The Green party has a diverse manifesto for a sustainable society along with an equally broad set of ten core principles. Given that many of us fail to remember the ten commandments, the key branding challenge for the party moving forward is likely to be the simplification of this complex brand architecture into powerful and engaging ideas that allow us to see and believe the party is delivering on its “Real Progress” promise.’

Ralph Ardill, Marketing and strategic planning director, Imagination

‘Show that you have to go beyond farmers markets and recycling. How? Become an Internet services provider – own voters’ desktops: start e-mailing newsletters, use on-line voting to shape policies and for general elections. Have political hyperbole converters. Do it all digitally. Learn from a great Green brand such as Google – which is enlightened, active, progressive and definitely not worthy.’

Stuart Dickinson, Creative director, Corporate Edge

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