Inspired: Steve Smith – Beakus

The technology behind, or often at the front of, visual expression inspires me.

It’s like my younger, more energetic, sibling who astounds my parents on a daily basis while I toil away at my own creations that simply confuse them – watching my wife’s father eulogise the Apple iPhone is a case in point. So what do I do? I copy, borrow or just plain steal some of her ideas. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

The worst thing is to be afraid of technology – it makes you old before your time. Put technology in the hands of the young and amazing things happen. I see work every day that raises the bar, making the word ’stunning’ commonplace, and these people come from disparate visual fields, pushing in many directions.

As an animator I believe I am a creative technician – it’s my job to know what technology can do for me, earn it and use it. Of course, technology in itself can’t replace me – there’s always a heart and a brain behind new creativity, but it does inspire me and goad me into trying something new, even if only to impress my parents…

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