Stand Up Stand Out promotes innovation in all sectors

I read with interest Tim Rich’s comments on the Stand Up Stand Out campaign (Private View, DW 5 May), which aims to promote the innovative face of the South West of England. Most of what Mr Rich had to say is correct, but unfortunately, is based on incorrect information.

The campaign is not solely to promote design companies in the South West. It is to promote all sectors of industry and services in our region.

Although we have several internationally renowned brands based in our region, statistically we are made up of lots of small businesses.

In fact, we have the largest proportion of self-employed people in the country. Stand Up Stand Out aims to provide a collective and positive voice, which portrays the real commercial South West.

It is, therefore, interesting that Mr Rich questions the need for the campaign, while at the same time making reference to the Cadbury’s Caramel country bumpkin ads – these tired stereotypes are exactly what the campaign intends to address.

We want Stand Up Stand Out to raise awareness of talent and innovation across all industry sectors in the South West. We are asking them to shout about their individual successes – the more businesses that do this, the greater the benefit to the South West as a whole – as we have been far too modest to date.

But, those of us who are fortunate enough to live and work in the South West can maybe feel a little smug.

Not only is the South West region a beautiful part of the country with a beautiful environment and good travel-to-work times, we also manage to offer quality services to national and international clients, most of which have never even heard of Cadbury’s Caramel.

Roger Proctor

Managing director

Proctor and Stevenson

Bristol BS2 8RU

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