Was symbol made in a state of paranoia?

I would just like to thank Roger Proctor for highlighting the “sleepy” nature of all South West design agencies (DW 21 April) with his “paranoia symbol” – Made in the South West of England.

Roger appears to have so little faith in the rest of us (and Proctor and Stevenson?) that he has to come to the rescue with this “initiative”. My colleagues and I are in agreement with Jill Parker; creative excellence and quality of service are the keys to long term success – no matter where you are.

While I share Proctor’s obvious frustration at losing work to agencies in “other areas”, I fail to see how acknowledging (and possibly reinforcing) this urban myth is a constructive strategy.

Perhaps we should all have a little more faith and go on the attack – please see the attached logo (pictured).

David Cosh

Design director

Thomas & Cosh


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