Graduate job up for grabs

As a company with several recent graduates, One Brand Communication is aware that students are not just desperate for work placements… but ultimately for actual jobs, as Sara Goscombe points out (Letters, DW 13 April).

We’re a full service consultancy in Blackburn; we recently contacted a number of North West colleges and universities, asking for student entries to The Graduate competition – the prize being a role within the business.

We’ve organised it (loosely) along the lines of the popular BBC series, The Apprentice, though it is certainly not nearly as caustic – we don’t, after all, want to permanently damage emerging talents.

Applicants have to design a film poster. We intend to narrow applicants down with viewings and interviews.

We’ve already had a number of applications via our website – – and intend to start assessing potential in the coming weeks, with a view to offering someone a job.

Marcus Stamps, Creative director, One Brand Communication, Blackburn BB1 5QH

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