We won’t interview candidates unless it’s going to be worth their while

In response to the letter Recruitment agencies aren’t interested unless you fit their narrow profile (Letters, DW 5 November), I think that your 36-year-old correspondent, who made some points about the uncaring attitude of recruitment companies, may be judging our industry just a little harshly.

It is interesting that all of the recruitment companies that were approached did agree to interview him or her. As a specialist recruitment company (outside London), we don’t interview people unless we think we have a chance to help them, and I’d expect other agencies to take the same view.

People must remember that the service is free to candidates, so we don’t spend our time interviewing people unless we feel it could be worthwhile.

The option of going freelance is not a clear “alternative” to full-time work, as the correspondent suggested. But it can be a really good opportunity to earn money while impressing potential employers, and this is a straightforward option for candidates as recruitment agencies often run PAYE schemes for temporary workers.

William Snell


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