AIG plan for London wayfinding

Applied Information Group has been appointed to oversee the creation of the first extensive wayfinding and signage strategy for central London.

The consultancy has been briefed to explore how the numerous existing schemes within the congestion charge zone currently operate and to advise on options for integrating them into a common approach for the city centre as a whole. It will report back on its findings around April next year.

AIG was awarded the £40 000 task last week by a steering group of retailers, businesses and local authority bodies called the Central London Partnership. The appointment follows a public tender at the beginning of this month involving Urban Catalyst, Transport Research London, Llewellyn-Davies and Fitch London.

AIG creative director Tim Fendley (pictured) says the group has no preconceptions about what its investigations could reveal, or whether its findings will endorse new wayfinding solutions, or a set of coherent policies.

CLP Transport director Mem Baybars says, ‘Through this work CLP will continue to deliver positive change for the walking agenda in central London, reflecting a growing consensus over the benefits of walking among authorities and local business.’

Fendley also led the award- winning wayfinding project for the City of Bristol as a director at the then MetaDesign London (DW 25 June 1999).

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