BT uses Imagination for Ker’ching exhibit

Imagination has designed a futuristic retail showcase for BT at its BT Centre headquarters on London’s Newgate Street.

The store-of-the-future exhibit, called Ker’ching, opened last week, and aims to show the telecoms giant’s retail customers what the retail store of the future could look like, using a series of interactive visuals and demonstrations.

The Ker’ching concept links the retail space of the future to key environments such as the home and the warehouse.

According to a spokeswoman for Imagination, ‘The Ker’ching customer experience has been created to demonstrate key areas in which BT’s new technology will help retailers. Each area is designed in state-of-the-art formats, using different technologies.’

Such technologies include Radio Frequency ID Tags, Interactive voice recognition, and thumb print, hand geometry and facial recognition systems, which are woven into the fabric of the store.

One aim of the environment is to put visitors from large retail operators like Sainsbury’s, House of Fraser and the Co-op into the shoes of their future customers.

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