Odd approach for PlayStation title

London consultancy Odd has designed a raft of marketing material to promote Sony PlayStation’s Ratchet and Clank 3 video-game, which launches internationally this week.

Odd was appointed six months ago, without a pitch, by Sony PlayStation European software manager Isabelle Tomatis. According to consultancy partner Nick Stickland, the group was chosen on the strength of its portfolio and ability to do ‘something a little different’.

The designs are themed around one of the game’s core elements, humiliation. ‘The game allows you to turn your mates into things like sheep and so on, so we used the idea of pranks [in the creative],’ says Stickland. Special edition packs will carry a free, ‘prank-related’ gift, such as a water pistol.

‘Most of our point-of-sale design is done in-house, so [the appointment of Odd] is quite unusual, but we wanted something different,’ says Ratchet and Clank 3 product manager Kevin Smythe.

The material will be distributed to all regions that use the PAL television system, including Europe and Australia. Odd has also designed an accompanying website at www.ratchetandclank3.com.

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