The Sorrell Foundation’s Saturday Club is a fine idea

I couldn’t agree more (Editor’s blog,, 12 November). Drawing and making are essential to the initial stages of any design project. There is no better way to quickly generate ideas than by using a pencil and paper. The speed and freedom of the process generates ideas that would never otherwise see the light of day. Ideas beget ideas beget ideas. I couldn’t imagine starting a project any other way.

Just as there is no way to know how a double-page spread will look until it’s printed out and lying before you, there is no other way to get an accurate feel for the form and proportions of an object than to hold it and move it and use it.

We all need to draw, and some of us also need to make. And it is good fun. So, hats off to The Sorrell Foundation – the National Art & Design Saturday Club is a superb idea that will benefit British design. In David Cameron’s Big Society it seems we’ll even have to learn to draw ourselves.

Andi Rusyn, by e-mail

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