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Following last week’s news that John and Frances Sorrell are to advise COI Communications on creativity issues, such as how to approach the design industry, how would you like to be approached?

‘Great work stems from close client/ consultancy relationships and any approach needs to mirror that. Select on credentials and chemistry – not creative pitches. Include designers early in the process so they can contribute to the strategic thinking behind a brief, not just its execution. Emphasise partnering, not supplying.’

David Rowson, Managing director, Luxon Carrà

‘Completely different working cultures can be a bonus. However, anything that makes our industry more understandable to clients must be a good idea. Things we take for granted sometimes need explaining outside our world.’

Jon Turner, Executive creative director, Enterprise IG

‘With human contact and less procedure. We recently had the COI roster forms come through the post; let’s just say they made filling in your tax return seem like a walk in the park.’

Daljit Singh, Creative director, Digit

‘We like clients with inspired vision. Ones that bring meaning, but leave it to us to furnish it with design. Great clients are perceptive and don’t force preconceptions on design. An impatient desire to get things done well is a good sign.’

Neil Churcher, Director, Edwards Churcher

‘Consistently producing creative work is the way to attract attention. But to get this, you have to educate the clients to buy the most creative and relevant solutions. John and Frances Sorrell will have to get involved directly with the roster and create an open-minded arena for great work to emerge. They’ll have their work cut out.’

Bruce Duckworth, Managing director, Turner


‘This presupposes there are people who have decided they need “design”, and therefore must approach the design industry. The reality is that this woolly title covers a range of specialisms and skills, and in some minds, spans high-level communications planning advice through to creating things that have terrific aesthetics. If there was to be advice on a best approach that went beyond the obvious basics, it would need to be highly tailored to the specifics, or in minimum, the category of problem.’

Sam Sampson, Chairman, The Brand Union

‘Newell and Sorrell had a reputation for great work as well as professionalism. SAS would like to be considered for the clarity of our thinking and quality of our creativity, not the number of consultants we could present.’

David Stocks, Creative director, SAS

Oh dear, Oh dear. Is it that time of year again?

I’m not quite sure what to say about Bernard Guly’s letter (Letters, DW 4 October).

Yes, they both begin with W but that’s where it ends. Anyway thanks for the publicity. It’s always welcome.

Peers de Trensé

Business development director

Conran Design Group

London EC1


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