Diversity is the key to competing in a global marketAre D&AD winners all that they pretend to be?

On 1 October the Design Council and the Design Business Association hosted a panel discussion called ‘Buying and Selling for a Global Industry’. Topics of discussion included international competition and what UK designers are doing about it, as well as the tactics being used to win overseas business.

The audience was asked to vote on six questions; the outcome epitomised the industry. The ballot showed a split in experiences when it comes to selling UK design overseas. Sceptics would say that this shows an ignorant, fragmented industry lacking in business skills.

On the contrary, I thought this was wonderful. A challenge for one design consultancy appeared to be another’s opportunity. This contrast is what makes UK design what it is – a cottage industry. Surely this will help us compete overseas – more so if we can crack that all-important component we seem weak at: collaboration.

Trevor Flannery, Sales and marketing director, Storm Brand Design, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9DU

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