Sainsbury’s cleans up with Parker Williams

Sainsbury’s will this week launch a new environmental range of household cleaning products called Cleanhome, with branding and packaging by Parker Williams.

The seven-product range has been developed to be fully biodegradable and spans the major household cleaning categories.

Parker Williams’s design uses a key branding symbol of a grass-outlined house, to represent a better environment bothinside and outside the home.

According to the consultancy, the use of bold fonts and the colour red suggest the idea of performance. Wherever possible, the pack – aging is recyclable or made from recycled materials. The Cleanhome range is avail – able from this week in more than 400 stores. It con sists of toilet cleaners, dishwasher tablets, washing-up liquids, fabric conditioners, all-purpose cleaners, laundry liquids and powders.

Parker Williams is on Sainsbury’s design roster.

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