New sushi chain rolls out concept across London

Lunchtime sushi start-up Kantan is putting the finishing touches to its first London outlet this week, with interiors by architect Material and identity work by Steve Richardson.

Kantan, which means ‘simple’ in Japanese, is targeting 25- to 39-year-old ‘urban professionals’ with a ‘value for money’ takeaway sushi offer that is cheaper than sit-down rivals such as Yo! Sushi and provides an alternative to the likes of Pret A Manger.

Richardson, design director at The Field, worked on the project in a freelance capacity, having been handed the brief by Dane Foster, one of Kantan’s founders.

His work encompasses the Kantan logo, packaging, website and interior and exterior signage, which is mounted on hanging glass panels. Manga-style imagery – developed by Richardson and illustrator Andy Pinder – provide a graphic backdrop in-store.

Kantan co-founder Jonathan Goldwater says the brand aims to make sushi ‘more accessible and easy’ for ‘intelligent and informed but also health-conscious consumers’.

According to Richardson, the Manga references provide a contemporary link to Japan without being too tethered to sushi’s Japanese provenance.

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