Rich views are given over to constructive criticism

Strong stuff about copywriters from Tim Rich in his Private View (DW 4 September). But how I laughed when I reached the penultimate paragraph. As an exercise in self-publicity Rich’s piece was fine – and amusing.

But let’s not mistake naked self-promotion for objective assessment. Just as significantly, let’s not forget that by ‘sexing up’ the argument against lousy writers (yes, there are as many of them as there are crap designers, bent coppers and bad journalists), he leaves himself wide open to criticism.

For example, as he feels this strongly about copywriting’s deficiencies, why has he decided to wait until now to speak out? No prizes for the correct answers. And is he just talking about the UK, or the rest of the world?

There are other areas where his arguments look one-sided, ‘insight-lite’ and extremely vulnerable. But I’m afraid I’m a little tight on time.

You see, I’m working for a ‘socially dysfunctional, apathetic and unprofessional designer’ friend who rang me late on Friday afternoon with a brief he’d had for three weeks. The deadline? Monday morning, 9am sharp.

Austin Brown


London SW15

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