Tabbooboo survey falls short of 100% desire

Sex is on our brains more fervently than usual this week, after we received a package from Tabooboo (see artwork below), the start-up erotica brand (News, DW 11 September).

Jostling provocatively bestride the Dragonz Tail (yeah, we weren’t among the 17 per cent who’d heard of it either), the black fluffy cuffs and the (presumed) metallic butt plug was a survey suggesting 81 per cent of women want to get kinkier in the bedroom. More disconcertingly, only 7 per cent believe they currently experience 100 per cent of their sexual potential.

Fortunately, help is in hand at the forthcoming World Creative Forum, where speakers include Emma Jayes from Cake, who is ‘committed to demystifying female sexuality’.

Does she know how to work the Lavender Invader, we wonder?

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