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What sort of practical outcomes would you like to see from the inaugural World Creative Forum, which discusses topics ranging from lifestyle and global fusion to collaboration, sustainability and the creative future?

‘The forum will help to brand London as the world centre for design. It may raise the standard of public debate on the subject (much-needed) and move design from the lifestyle pages to the ideas pages. Sure, the agenda is too broad, but this is its first year and a taster.’

Professor Sir Christopher Frayling, Rector, Royal College of Art

‘Thinking doesn’t solve problems, but translating thought into practical solutions changes the world (for good and bad). It would be great to see this spectrum of speakers, interacting with the audiences and bridging the gaps between thinkers, makers and users. A status shift for designers towards appropriate solutions and substance, away from fashion and surface, is my ongoing dream.’

Michael Smith, Director, Cog Design

‘I’d like to see a genuinely international forum in which the voices on the platform come from beyond the usual suspect list of countries in the advanced design circuit. We’ve recruited international delegates for the forum because one of the things that will ensure its success and continuance is a truly global mix of speakers and delegates, and, with that, a presentation of the widest possible perspective on what we might mean by design. We’ll be spending a lot of time with these delegates investigating what they want from the event.’

Emily Campbell, Head of design promotion, British Council

‘I hope the forum does manage to position London as the leading centre of creativity internationally. Even more hopefully, the rest of the UK might benefit. I seriously want it to be so successful. Government (central and devolved) has no option but to put much-needed and overdue investment into the creative sector.’

Stuart MacDonald, Director, The Lighthouse

‘This is an event that is designed to be mind boggling and its biggest practical outcome will be the event itself and its confidence at a time when the creative industries are having to compromise more than they’d like. I hope it further strengthens our international reputation as the world capital for creativity and design.’

Tony Allen, Chief executive officer, Interbrand

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