18 September 2008

Design brings £100m Kings Place to fruition

The much anticipated £100m London arts and music venue Kings Place opens officially to the public this week, the culmination of a raft of interiors, signage, branding and environmental design projects.The development, which lies in the heart of one of London’s largest regeneration sites, will house the capital’s first purpose-built concert hall since 1982, as […]

A vision of future car design

Car design, shaped by the needs of the internal combustion engine for a century, is now undergoing
a revolution thanks to developments in battery technology. Guy Bird looks at what we could all be driving in a few years


The rustle of petticoats, or snap of a lipstick case, may not count as music but they are just as evocative as any fanfare or lament.

Touch Feely

Installations you can smell, hear and feel are at the forefront of interaction design. They create environments that enhance mood by engaging all five senses – and often seem to distort them as well. Scott Billings talks to the designers merrily working o

Play away

Far from hindering their use as a gaming platform, the small screens of mobile phones have triggered a renaissance in high quality, design-led games. Minimalism, nostalgia and Japanese comic art are strong themes.

Mobile Gaming

The numbers speak volumes. Within 20 days of its App Store launch, Sega sold 300 000 copies of Super Monkeyball, while Tap Tap Revenge from Palo Alto start-up Tapulous was downloaded by a mindboggling
one million users in a month.

Interface design

TV used to be easy. There were just two broadcasters and three channels, and they decided what we watched, when we watched it. Now there are umpteen content providers and multiple platforms, and we watch when we please. This competition forces old-style broadcasters to think about interface design much more seriously. Richard Titus is taking […]

Rules of thumb

As converging technologies morph mobile phones in to mini computers, the way users interact with them also changes. In demand is speed, simplicity and easy navigation, as much as rich media content, finds Sarah Frater


The importance of time and place information, and its propensity to change, make airport wayfinding an ideal candidate for digital signage. Basic systems now exist in many departure and arrival lounges, but with the new Heathrow Terminal 5 there was the opportunity to install something more. BAA design director David Bartlett was the man in […]

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