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The opening ceremony was a Chinese-led event RitaSue Siegel’s letter (DW 11 September) credited Jack Morton with the design of Beijing’s Olympic opening ceremony, before going on to express dismay at China’s use of foreign design talent. In fact, the Beijing ceremonies were very much led and designed by the Chinese, under the artistic direction of Zhang Yimou.

Our involvement at the London office of Jack Morton was as production consultants, not designers as the letter states. Ceremonies are a powerful chance to connect with a global audience and, as I believe we saw in Beijing, they should be true reflections of the host city and its people.

While organisers can benefit from drawing on various sources of expertise (and the Chinese did consult with one or two Western designers), this opportunity to both make a statement and showcase the nation to the world is one of the many compelling reasons for using local talent – and talent is something which the UK has in abundance.

Lois Jacobs, President international, Jack Morton Worldwide, London W3

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