Where can I begin and where can I end?

As an individual, I am inspired by everyday experiences: an early morning run through Richmond Park, my walk to work, my studio location, my wife, my three daughters, an evening with friends, cooking, gardening, a motorbike ride on a beautiful sunny day – to improve my quality of life.

As an industrial product designer, I am inspired by everyday challenges that face others: accessing hard-to-open packaging, lifting and using objects, stacking and storing products, turning things on and off, getting items up steps, engaging modern technology, living with a disability, the influence of the 50 percentile person – to improve their quality of life.

As an approach to design, the ‘tomato-shaped dispenser’ is a good example of an everyday product that inspires me: it is simple, it has a powerful graphic image, people immediately understand it, it is tactile and fun to use, it is a good use of materials, it embraces commercially viable manufacturing techniques, it improves an everyday item, it appeals to all ages, it is iconic and commercially successful – to improve the quality of products.

As a businessman, in this current climate, we all know that there is nothing more inspiring than a substantial fee-paying brief – to improve the quality of sleep.

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