Designers must act together on climate change awareness

I feel that climate change is a pressing global problem and not just a marketing ploy, and I hope to encourage others in the design sector to boost awareness of the issue.

In response to Sarah Woods’ article on the Nesta Report, I agree that the design industry is facing a slump, and think that one of the reasons may be the amount of media attention given to sustainability and global warming, telling us what we should be doing and how we should be doing it. This approach is surely more condescending than inspiring.

I think that, for the future of design, especially where sustainability is concerned, we should all be pulling together as a team rather than competing.

We have seen so many trends come in and out of fashion in the past decade, I feel the industry doesn’t know where to go next, especially where corporate communication is concerned.

With so much appearing on our radars, the industry is always calling for more exciting and new ways to shock, but have we got sick of hearing this call? Or are we lacking in excitement and inspiration?

I think another problem the industry is facing is that the audience is simply not getting the messages, and the work being produced is construed as designer-directed.

I asked my mother what she thought of an ad, to which she gracefully replied, ‘I’ve no idea what it was about’. I think this is where we need to focus our attention.

As artists, we ask the questions; as designers, we solve the problems. These are the basic principles we should all adhere to when conceptualising a new project.

If we are to combat climate change, the only way we are ever going to succeed is together. As communicators, we are in the perfect position to do so.

Corinne Hitching, Graphic designer, Delta Street, London E2

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