Next Friday is ‘World Graphics Day’, or so says the International Council of Graphic Design Associations. Can a global day in celebration of graphic design work, and how would you honour it?

I’m afraid the simple answer is no. Graphics is too specific and too broad at the same time. But if graphics is about one simple thing, it’s about communication, and with two days to go this is the first I – or anyone I know – have heard about it. Unfortunately, it looks like it will pass unnoticed, which is a shame really, because with the right brief it would have been a great challenge.
Ben Stott, Creative director, NB Studio


Yes, it could work. I would honour the day by suggesting that graphic designers spend that time coming up with hard-hitting and creative campaigns to promote important causes. Year one, for example, could be ‘Environmental’ (Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth etc); year two ‘Drug Awareness’; year three ‘Guns Off the Streets’, and so on. With that amount of creative input, someone could come up with something extraordinarily beneficial both for the profile of the industry and the charity concerned.
Mark Higenbottam, Senior designer/art director, Stylorouge

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