KidsOK in the safe hands of Fijit

Fijit has created the brand identity for KidsOK, a service from start-up mobile communications group M-Track Services that will allow parents to monitor their children’s movements via mobile phone.

The service, which will be available in Dixons from September, pinpoints a child’s location using mobile operator information and sends a full-colour map and road name to the parent’s phone. It will function on the Vodafone, Orange, O2 and T-Mobile networks.

M-Track Services chief executive Peter Stent gave Fijit ‘free reign’ with the creation of the brand identity. ‘It was a broad brief. We said this is a service, not a product, and we want it to reach end users [in a high street environment]. We’re selling KidsOK to parents, but it needs to look sufficiently funky to interest children,’ he says.

In a bid to reach both audiences, Fijit has designed a safety booklet with two covers. ‘Parents read from one end and kids the other. This allowed us to produce two visual approaches, while keeping both within the new branding [framework],’ consultancy creative director Dean Johnson says.

KidsOK is primarily a ‘peace-of-mind product’, according to Stent. ‘Children in the UK are much safer than children virtually anywhere else in the world, but the perception [of their safety] is very different,’ he says.

The KidsOK branding will be implemented across packaging design, in-store promotion, advertising, a website at and the safety booklets, which are written in collaboration with charity Kidscape.

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