Turn over a new leaf

Graphic designers who dare to be different are discovering that there is quite a market for their work, says Hannah Booth

Dinnis Design

Rachael Dinnis, together with fellow creative Paul Reeves, founded Dinnis Design 18 months ago. After working for Smith & Milton, Roundel (where she met Reeves) and Laranjo Design Associates, Dinnis spent eight years at Lippa Pearce as an associate director before going it alone.

‘It was exhilarating, not to be officially “employed”,’ she says of her move. ‘It’s more precarious, but it gets you up in the morning. You stand and fall on the quality of your work, make your own decisions and you can decide the direction of the business yourself.’

Her biggest job to date has been the redesign of Yellow Pages directory – the front pages, not the classified sections. The work is currently rolling out nationwide in phases, and the project grew from a smaller information design one.

The brief was to encourage wider use of the front section. Dinnis introduced graphic icons to complement the ‘walking fingers’ symbol, designed to be accessible from the front cover and the contents page. And it created coloured imagery and a more ‘contemporary magazine style’ to the section.

The pair is also working with Boots the Chemists, most recently on packaging and graphic design for its Travel Accessories range.

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