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With Elmwood extending its empire to Australia and now Imagination getting a foot into Asia through the acquisition of Events 360, where in the world would you choose to extend to, and why?

Alan Herron

‘Our global expansion plans may seem modest compared to our more ambitious competitors’, but we’ll be the envy of the design community when the dorma windows get fitted into our loft. And it’s got a fold-down ladder.’

Alan Herron, Creative director, The Chase Manchester

‘Places once coloured pink on a map of the world. The English speaking world has the most developed economies (with a few exceptions). Developed economies are service economies (72 per cent of UK GDP is in the service sector). Designing services is the biggest commercial opportunity (for design) in a century.’

Sean Blair, Director, Spirit of Creation

‘Deeper into Europe. I like the ever-improving travel links, a growing sense of community between countries and a variety of cultures sitting close to each other. Competition is tough, but good ideas work anywhere, as long as you understand the change of culture you are immersed in.’

Paul Driver, Creative director, Social

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