19 August 2010

Art director’s choice

For many designers of my generation, my introduction to graphic design was presented through vinyl record sleeve artwork – and namely hip hop releases. From early Cey Adams and Haze

Life on wheels

Perfect for the extravagant festival-goer, or the spouse often banished to the sofa after a row, Cornelius Comanns’ Bufalino tricycle is a miniature home on wheels. Made as part of

Emmanuelle Bonzami/Veer

On the lightbox

How do you find that perfect image for a specific design task, be it creating a cover for a novel, designing limited-edition vodka packaging or putting together a road show

Emma Dibben

This is red hot

Sometimes it is good to get back to basics – and for illustrators, the primary colours of red, yellow and blue are the most basic tools in the box.For a

The Nest That Sailed the Sky

Cyber dynamics

Next month in London sees the second annual festival organised by digital arts organisation Alpha-ville, on the theme of cities of the future. Anna Richardson takes a sneak preview of


Young at heart

From mass-produced value clothing sold in supermarkets to luxury toys and upmarket hotels, there are plenty of opportunities for design to make a difference in the children’s sector, argues Clare

David Pearson

Profile: David Pearson

After early success with covers for the Penguin Great Ideas series and then going it alone, this book designer is taking an even bigger plunge now and setting up a


Director Gary Hustwit is completing his design film trilogy with Urbanized. What design story do you think should be immortalised on film?

What was Brody on about on Newsnight?

I found the exchange between design writer David McCandless and graphic designer Neville Brody on the BBC’s Newsnight on 9 August infuriating (www.designweek.co.uk, 10 August). Is Brody (pictured right) seriously

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