Inspired: Jonathan Butters – Butters Innovation

For me, inspiration comes from many sources. What makes inspiration useful is the process that enables human creativity to be focused and directed towards an end goal when there is no road map or prior knowledge.

However haphazard the process – applied to designing or making music – it is truly inspirational to see people take the plunge and do stuff. Having a process that enables the creative touchpoints of inspiration to be absorbed and made useful is how designers work.

I have employed many student designers or recently qualified graduates over the years. They have, without exception, been dropped in at the deep end. Given the chance they always rise to the occasion by delivering reliable and thoughtful design solutions – with a bit of help from their colleagues.

Our current newly qualified designer is no exception. Since joining, he has developed several major medical, scientific and consumer products, working well outside of most people’s comfort zones. His latest design is for the MoRoW II, a motorised rehabilitation walker (concept sketch pictured).

I am inspired by having the opportunity to work in teams, solving real problems and helping improve quality of life. People and process, plus curiosity and experiences, plus inspiration equals insight and creativity.

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