Kimberly-Clark activates female hygiene market

Kimberly-Clark is targeting the brand-aware 16- to 24-year-olds of the Czech Republic with a new sub-range of its Lidie sanitary towels brand in packaging designed by Lloyd Ferguson Hawkins.

The London consultancy has employed contemporary typo graphy and graphics in an attempt to establish the sub-brand as the choice of the country’s younger audience.

Called Lidie Active, the range is three-strong and is being launched a year after Kimberly- Clark introduced Lidie to the Czech Republic, also in LFH-designed packs.

Creative director Mark Lloyd says consumers in the former Eastern Bloc countries are quickly becoming aware of Western European products. “We needed to aim at the most brand-aware and this meant creating a pack which could capture the interest of young, discerning consumers,” he says.

“Compared with their Western counterparts, their views on packaging may be slightly different. However, they still have strong ideas and opinions about which design elements attract them to certain products.”

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