Landor delivers baby food packs

US baby food giant Gerber Products Company has relaunched its entire product line for the first time in nearly 40 years. The new logo and packaging are by Landor in Chicago.

The new look is spread across Gerber’s product range of 190 jarred foods, juices, cereals and bakery goods.

“The objective was to give the brand a more sophisticated… and contemporary appearance,” says David Wisnom, director of the consultancy’s Chicago office.

“But the company didn’t want to endanger the incredible heritage and equity of the Gerber Baby logo” which has been in use since 1927, he adds.

The new packaging features warmer colours on labels and more appetising food illustrations. The famous Gerber baby no longer “floats” in the middle of the label but is linked with the brand name in a unified graphic symbol, says a Landor spokesman.

A decision on the international roll-out will be made once the US relaunch has been completed.

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