United Telecom taps into new consumers

A new player is entering the UK’s deregulated telecommunications industry with an identity designed to differentiate the company in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Branding and retail interiors for United Telecom are by Callcott Anderson Design in London.

The new set-up offers network and retail services for home, office and high street users.

Callcott Anderson was appointed after a four-way credentials and proposals pitch against XMPR, Davies Baron and Torres Design Associates.

“Our ethos is that we are down-to-earth and straightforward, and the product is a phonecall,” says United Telecom marketing director Kevin Reeves.

“There is a lot of room for consumer confusion and techno- speak” where many existing and new companies have adopted a generic positioning, he adds.

The blue and mustard logo features two talking head icons designed to evoke a feeling of global communication. It is being applied across signage, store interiors and other material.

Three existing stores are being rebranded, while a new site on London’s Shaftesbury Avenue opened on Monday. Another five London sites are planned in the next two months, followed by a national roll-out. Calcott Anderson will oversee the whole project, adds Reeves.

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