Tarzan, tubers and Travis get us through another year

2002. How was it for you? Here’s a list of some of things we couldn’t have done without (in no particular order):

Will Travis (Lancashire’s cultural attaché across the pond); Jaffa Cakes; Design Bridge’s Elvis impersonators; Babu Datta’s personal mobile phone number; Stef at Landor (winner of our impromptu PR of the Year Award); the motorcycle courier whose horn yodels Tarzan-like up and down past our office window in Soho’s Lexington Street every day; minute-by-minute reports on World Cup websites; Alex Willcock’s love-letter to his staff; tone of voice; Marksteen Adamson’s putative impression of Andy Gilchrist; Rodney Fitch; coppers’ helmets; Beetroot on Berwick Street; and a certain design dominatrix’s fear of potatoes.

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