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Vittorio Radice joined M&S this week from Selfridges. If your Christmas wish could be your dream design job, what job would it be and why?

‘I wouldn’t wish. Surely the fun lies in getting there? Anyway, my mum always

told me to be careful what you wish for.’

Ryan Wills, Joint creative director, Taxi


‘My dream job sounds almost unachievable, as it would incorporate a lot of travel to extraordinary locations, working in collaboration with the newest and most innovative young designers, but also some of the oldest and most respected living legends, dealing with cooking, art, kids, crafts, interiors and industry, probably not too elitist, but fairly sophisticated at the same time… strangely enough, the only job matching this description available in Europe at the moment is head of design at Habitat and its mine… all mine.’

Tom Dixon, Head of design, Habitat

‘My Christmas wish for a job would be a public art/ furniture commission. I would really like to branch out into such work since it combines many things I am passionate about. It would be a response to a setting which could inspire a narrative – the piece or installation could be interacted with by many different people and therefore work on several levels and it would combine a sculptural presence with everyday use.’

Gitta Gschwendtner, furniture designer

‘My dream job has always been to be head of design for the National Trust. It would be really interesting and I imagine very diverse, as I would get to sit on a panel and select designers to work on projects for the whole of the UK. My aim would be to regionalise and use local design companies with knowledge of local areas wherever possible. I know that many regions use London-based designers and it would be great to get more local designers working on local projects.’

Justin Anderson, Managing director, Anderson Norton

‘I know it sounds trite but working within the arts means that we create dream jobs with incredible clients, every day of the year. If the fantasy fairy of design were to make a visit, then I’d just ask for more time, more fun, more folly and less cynicism.’

Michael Smith, Managing director, Cog Design

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