19 February 1998

ICI logo in Oz

Australian group FHA has created the name and identity for Orica, the Australian branch of ICI that was sold off last year. The logo is intended to appeal to a broad target audience including employees, customers, shareholders and the local communities around the company’s sites, an FHA spokeswoman says. Orica has sites in Australia, New […]

Taylor talks on water

The chief executive of a new unnamed water body, charged with responsibility for naming and identity (DW 13 February), knows she has her work cut out. The lady in question, Pamela Taylor, used to work at the Design Council and so is au fait with design procurement, but still feels uneasy. ‘It’s not so much […]

Tory party to update logo

The Conservative Party is to approach leading UK designers to create a replacement for its long-serving torch logo, and is considering ditching its traditional blue in a bid to appear more up-to-date. “We will be looking in the medium term at a review of the way the party is presented,” says a Conservative Party spokesman. […]

A drawn out procedure

Matthew Valentine tackles the book How to Draw and Sell Comic Strips and is saddened to find that his artistic skills may limit his earning potential.

Clash: it was so good I can’t remember it!

In your latest issue I noticed an interesting piece on Destroy (All the Rage, DW 6 February), the exhibition at London’s Royal Festival Hall covering the Punk counter-revolution of style. It is often flattering to see one’s own name in print, especially alongside Malcolm Garrett et al. However, I seem to have also been credited […]

Mandelson’s journey into the unknown

Last call for bets on the Dome contents. The New Millennium Experience Company has promised to unveil details by the end of February. Will more than 750m be spent on a small-scale Disney, the dreams of a young boy, a giant doll or something which actually represents Britain… like an advertisement for a Japanese car […]

Marek aims to be at the Hub of TV’s future

Marek Grabowski, creative director of communications consultancy The Hub, is currently excited about the advent of digital television and TV-based Internet access. But he’s not sure the station owners will be quite up to exploring the full potential of the brave new interactive world. There is a solution though. ‘I want to buy my own […]

Design showcase to power UK business

The Government has released some of the names of the “cutting edge” talent which will exhibit at design showcase Powerhouse UK in April. The show, to coincide with the Asia-Europe meeting ASEM2, is curated by Claire Catterall and will be held at London’s Horse Guards Parade (DW 13 February). Work will be shown from IDEO […]

The shape of the future

Janice Kirkpatrick looks at the forms of expression entering the language of design – vocabulary both engendered by, and helping to shape, new styles

Super hero to sell EU to public

A new proposition is being launched to explain and humanise the European Union. The concept, which has been initiated, researched and created by Twelve Stars, is based around a super hero mascot called Captain Euro, who stars in his own website. The consultancy, which developed the European Parliament’s brand, has had a team of people […]

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