A visionary who believes in design and education

I am delighted that Sir James Dyson has made the extraordinarily generous and visionary decision to support the future of design education at the Royal College of Art by funding its new campus.

His landmark gift will ensure that young designers will continue to push the boundaries of innovation. Over the past ten years, the creative sector has grown at twice the rate of the overall economy. Support for art and design education will fuel our economic recovery.

It is no coincidence that some of society’s greatest inventions were developed in the UK. We have an enviable network of art and design educational institutions that provide world-class teaching. Philanthropy and investment

allow us to create the right environment for experimentation and innovation to flourish.

Our art and design graduates shape the world in which we live. Without their imagination and risk-taking, we wouldn’t have the Dyson vacuum cleaner, the iPod or the World Wide Web.

Dyson recognises the pivotal role that design education plays in the life of our country, culture and economy. His bold attitude and belief in the future is what makes British design a world leader.

Nigel Carrington, Rector, University of the Arts London, by e-mail

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