I have always been fascinated by the logic behind things. I like abstracting ideas, I am inspired by transversality, going from the particular to the general. I am inspired by the concept behind an object. For example, the final shape, although clearly very important, is not my starting point.

We take the same approach at Foscarini when we are looking for a new project: all-round observation, then research and experimentation in a multitude of different directions with no conceptual barriers and nothing left to chance. We search for an interesting concept, then choose the best way to express this concept, going from the right material to the right technologies and so on.

The same mentality and method of working is also expressed in the cultural publication that we produce. Called Lux, it is a space to stimulate curiosity and exchange new ideas. In Lux, we analyse a theme through the free association of ideas from different areas of image culture, such as science, architecture, figurative and visual arts.

I find it extremely inspiring when I see an Italian product taking the lead and winning, like, for example, Ferrari, of which I am a real fan. When I see a man dressed in red on a stage being crowned as world champion, and I think that behind him there is a team made up of 700 people. Well, this makes me reflect a lot and inspires me in the way I – with my partner Alessandro Vecchiato – wish to manage my company.

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