It’s never been easy getting a design job, so don’t give up…

I felt conflicted when faced with Ian Cochrane’s comments (News in Depth, DW 27 January) regarding students giving up on design careers before they’ve even begun.

I sympathise with his views. I was lucky to squeeze into a role before the recession rolled into town, and I worry about young designers, barely three years behind me, being left out in the cold. Let’s face it, doing a design degree puts most of your eggs in one competitive basket. Not everyone is going to win the game – it’s not possible.

But wait. Hasn’t the design world always been notoriously hard to get into, even before the market meltdown?

It took me eight tough months of beating down doors until I was offered a job. I even lost my first role because of the ‘impending economic slowdown’. But I never gave up trying, and I believe anyone with the talent and a similar drive will secure their dream, whatever state the economy is in, regardless of Mr Cochrane’s disheartening and unnecessary waiter/waitress quips.

Niall McRiner, Designer, Echo Brand Design, by e-mail

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