19 January 1995

Reliving former glories

The new leaner Design Council fails to realise that resurrecting the short-term design strategy that served it so well in the affluent Eighties isn’t going to help anyone. What we

SBG spices up new food range

SBG Partners in San Francisco has created packaging for a new Spice Islands Quick Meals range. – Currently being launched in the US, the range uses robust colours “to enhance

Pews move in mysterious ways

Churchgoers might be horrified to learn that pews are frequent features in heathen pubs and restaurants – they might even think the activities of designer Mark Groes are sacrilegious. Groes

Background information

Texturescape 1.5 is for designing background textures for illustrations. You create repeat patterns from Postscript shapes, then specify colour, spacing and lighting to get your final image. Because it’s Postscript-based,

No Title

The Central Ergonomic Cooker took first prize in a competition for design students at the University of Central England. The brief for second-year students was to rethink the design concept

Apple DOS on the cards

Apple has announced a card for Power mac 6100 users enabling them to run Dos and Windows software, should that be their bizarre desire. This is actually to persuade DOS-users

Chloâ Cheese

Exhibition of prints and watercolours of everyday objects. Until 11 February. – Venue: CCA Galleries, 8 Dover Street, London W1.

Drawing the Line

Show of line drawings by artists from the Renaissance to the present day. Until 5 March. – Venue: Southampton City Art Gallery, Civic Centre, Southampton SO14 7LP.

A serious Diskussion

High-end video manufacturer Abekas has brought out a Mac-compatible digital disk recorder. This lets you record and play video footage, use it in Mac applications, and output both graphics and

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