Apple DOS on the cards

Apple has announced a card for Power mac 6100 users enabling them to run Dos and Windows software, should that be their bizarre desire. This is actually to persuade DOS-users to buy an Apple at their next upgrade. The DOS Compatibility Card has a reasonably fast onboard 486 DX2/66MHz processor which, and this is the clever bit, runs simultaneously with the Power Mac’s own 601 with the ability to copy and paste information between systems. Apple is claiming full Windows compatibility: with the chip it would be odd if it wasn’t… It has also licensed the technology to Reply Corporation, which intends to manufacture cards for Quadras and Centrises. The only down side is that you’ll need a Power Mac or VGA monitor. The Power Mac 6100 Dos Compatibility Card should be available soon, retailing at about ú500.Contact your Apple dealer for more info.

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