Free-pitching is a sound business tool

Asda can do it; sell milk at cost as a loss-leading initiative. Printers do it; charge print at cost or below to eliminate a competitor (such as those in the design world).

It’s marvellous that Minale Tattersfield’s Ban Free-pitching campaign gained such momentum among design companies and sales promotion agencies. Perhaps we’ll get more business from disgruntled ex-Minale Tattersfield clients because we do not charge for pitches. We are, however, selective about the pitches we take part in and do not mind a loss-leader.

I agree with your correspondent Warwick Dipple (Letters, DW 18 November 1994) that clients are generally becoming less marketing-aware. But just because they do not have the experience that Mr Dipple or myself has gained, it does not mean they have to be subjected to a pompous attitude and a rejection fee.

Come on lads, I thought we were in the 1990s, not the 1890s.

Mike Tinker

Vivid UK



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