Jonathan Park heads up VE day show plan

A hollow globe, 30m in diameter, will form the centrepiece of the three-day public show to be held in London’s Hyde Park in May to mark the 50th anniversary of VE Day. The event will also feature exhibitions of World War Two memorabilia.

Former Fisher Park partner Jonathan Park is designing the globe and stage for the main official ceremony. Fisher Park de-signed many major concert tours in recent years, including sets for the Rolling Stones and U2.

Bill Harkin will create exhibition areas, the logo is by Bruce Groves, and lighting design is by Robert Ormbo. All designers were appointed by special events company Unusual Services.

A Veterans Centre will be housed in a marquee, with a computerised meeting system for veterans to contact old comrades.

“The themes are international reconciliation and thankfulness for 50 years of peace,” comments a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence, which is organising Britain’s VE Day events.

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