Kodak develops flexible CD-Rom

Kodak has released a package which allows you to record CDs over a number of sessions. Previously, CD-Roms had to be recorded in one go. You can now record sections over a long period and in different formats. The software also includes safety features and a user interface designed to mirror that of Mac and PC platforms. Kodak has also announced a compatible double-speed CD writer, an update on the current PCD 200 Plus model. It has expandable 2MB memory and two writing speeds. At top speed, it can write a 682MB CD-Rom in about ten minutes. The PCD Writer 225 is available now from Kodak Imaging Centres for ú2850. Associated Kodak Multi-Write Publishing Software for Macs may be out soon, the PC version is ú1300. For further information, contact Joanne Palmer at Kodak on 0442 845303.

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