Revealing stuff from anon’s fax

The Design Council has always been expert at jargon, but a fax received this week breaks all records. Entitled “The Born Again Design Council Mission Statement”, its opening sentence is “the newly down-sized Design Council will be seeking to work to ensure a focus on…” This might be typical council publicity language, but the reference to “down-sized” is a bit peculiar.

Ten lines later the sentence is still rambling on. “Pro-active collaborations with best-practice providers and a holistic implementation of the new cultural platform through the impact of a dialogue between opinion-formers and broad-based knowledge networks in the vanguard of…”

Quite a masterpiece. Signed “Anon”, you might never know if this is Chairman John Sorrell’s secretary letting off steam or some consultancy taking the piss. But we know. Because Anon forgot that faxes print the sender’s name at the top of the paper!

So hello to you, “Laughing” Bruce Renfrew.

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