Search and you’ll find some bargains

It is true that qualifications are a good weed killer (Les J Curtis, Letters, DW 6 January). It may weed out the so-called undesirables in the design industry, but surely it all depends on the type of work, budget and quality of design that you are after.

In this ever-competing world, cheapness and speed count – ask anybody. The cause lies in the fact that we all need bargains and you get what you pay for.

I find it hard to believe that people think that such work would be inferior. Let’s face it, a percentage of the work that designers do is “bread and butter”. The clients need things done cheaply and fast.

Free-pitching will be with us for as long as recession continues. Radical measures or even laws would not put an end to the willingness to offer another view.

As enterprising design companies start up in this risky business climate, it cannot be a bad thing.

It is true that there are many practising designers out there competing for work, and design buyers know this.

Do we under-qualified designers get up the noses of clients? Are they afraid we’re taking their trade? Is it bad that we are dropping the standard of design? Tough. Accept it or pay that little extra.

Paul Edis

Market Rasen


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