Group360 drops integrated approach for specialist divisions

Marketing communications company Group360 is to spin off a dedicated design division, Pulse360, in a shift away from its solely integrated offering.

The move follows the launch of the group’s branding division, BBI360, last year (DW 25 August 2005), with a specialist on-line unit, Generation360, set to launch later this year.

According to consultancy founder and chief executive Tim Petherington, the decision to move from an integrated offering to a portfolio of distinct, but connected specialist services comes in reaction to changes in the market. ‘Five years ago we pulled everything under one roof as Communiqué360, but the market has changed again and now sometimes clients say we’re not specialist enough,’ explains Petherington.

Bob Willott, founder of marketing services business consultancy Fintellect, believes that an integrated approach can be more effective with clients that do not have a strong marketing strategy. ‘If you have a confident marketing director, it is unlikely they would want to buy all their services from one consultancy. They are more likely to want to choose them separately. An integrated offering appeals more to businesses which do not have a strong marketing director themselves,’ says Willott.

Pulse360 will account for around 60 per cent of Group360’s turnover, which Petherington is hoping will be in the region of £7m this year.

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