Time on his hands

It’s still only January and already someone’s taking a swipe at us (DW 5 January). Clearly Geoff Gradwell has plenty of time on his hands at the moment (two letters featured), and it seems he’s been in a reminiscent mood over Christmas.

Gradwell’s observation that BBI360’s project for Grand Arcade in Cambridge stems from a similar philosophy to his 12-year-old work for the Cambridge-based Grafton Centre is not that amazing.

As Cambridge is a heritage city, with deep academic roots, we followed an indigenous and credible path to creating a sustainable brand platform.

However, where our work is inspirational and distinctive is in its execution (which I hasten to add, Mr Gradwell would not have seen at his time of writing). On the other hand, I have had the pleasure of seeing his efforts…

Perhaps now Christmas is over, he can get on with running his consultancy without taking self-congratulatory, petty pot-shots at others.

Simon Barbato, Managing director, BBI360, Surrey, TW9 1UH

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